Moss Treatment

Dangers of moss

In the Pacific Northwest, moss is unfortunately a common and annoying pest on many of our roofs.  In addition to being unappealing,  moss grows tiny roots into your roof shortening it’s life span. 

Dangers of Pressure Washing

Many people want to clean your roof and remove moss by pressure washing it off.  While this may present a clean looking roof, it will take away years from your composite roof costing you a lot more money in the long run.  The high pressure of the water will tear away moss roots attached to your roof also taking life away from your roof in the process. 

Saving your roof from danger

In addition to using or recommended materials that help with moss prevention, Bayview Roofing is also happy to treat your existing moss problem.  We kill the moss to destroy the roots and then remove the dead plants from your roof.  By killing the moss before attempting to remove it, we preserve the integrity of your roof and extend it’s life span.


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